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music notes with the letters and numbers arranged in different font styles, including one for each letter
a drawing of a man holding a harp on top of a table • Фото и видео в Instagram
a book with metal trays and crochet tools
Martha Stewart Living Punched Tin Story November 2003
Martha Stewart Living Punched Tin Story November 2003 by Lauren Potter at
a pink and white label with the words fragile made in france on it next to another sticker that says, against the grain
horn_titania Santa Fe, Patchwork, Pendants, Pendant, Bronze, Pendents, Jewels, Silver, Jewelry Post
an image of a cross made out of paper
Folds, No. 015Artist unknown11 x 14 in. framed; ca. 1900 Seen here:
an image of a blue wine glass on a white background with words written below it
felix - books • dexel: glas aus vier jahrtausenden
Book image
an old poster with instructions on how to use the catalog card
10 Literary Pinterests For Book-Lovers
a cup of coffee with a smiley face drawn on it and a spoon full of liquid
Fascinating latte foam art
a white mannequin head wearing glasses and a purple hat
Book 146 - Seeing Past Myself - Eyeglass Accordion Book - Hand-Made
a black and white logo with the word jazz on it
an architectural drawing of a triangular building
The Collection | MoMA
Staatsgalerie Stuttgart (1978) | James Stirling | MoMA
an image of a city with buildings in the foreground and a blue sky behind it
the number five is placed on top of a black hand with white numbers in it
Type Reference |
a blue wrapped gift box sitting on top of a white table next to two pictures
Stephen Antonakos/ ‘Package to be Opened July 2000’
two pearls are embedded in the shell of an ammonite on black sand beach
Old, but gold
this is a drawing of people standing in front of a black dot on lined paper
Agglomerations — drawings by Felipe Bedoya
Agglomerations — drawings by Felipe Bedoya
three glass vases sitting on top of a white table next to a small object
Ancient Glass Blog of The Allaire Collection
an assortment of different colored circles and holes on a white surface with one hole in the middle
Emil Lukas – a tale of a few cities
a doll house made out of cardboard on a white surface
red apples on white fabric with green stems and leaves in the center, all over
cute white apple fabric with red apples by Kokka
white apple fabric with red apples
an apple made out of fabric on top of a striped cloth tablecloth with a green leaf sticking out of it
* quilted apple
two mouses holding hands in chains with bubbles coming out of their mouths, vintage line drawing or engraving
slotvignet | illustration In de Muizenwereld | janwillemsen | Flickr
an old drawing of two birds with chains on them
Image from page 87 of "Reineke Fuchs" (1857)
a drawing of flowers with blue ribbons around them
NYPL Digital Collections
flower drawings
an old drawing with vines and flowers in the shape of a circle on white paper
More Vintage Frames For Embroidery and Ribbon Work