St. Elmo's Fire * 1980s film about leaving college, starring integral members of the Brat Pack.

Elmo's Fire * film about leaving college, starring integral members of the Brat Pack.Really captured a moment in time and The Brat Pack was so good.

Ladybird Books - Things to Make loved this book, but my creations never looked the same as they did in the book

Ladybird Books - Things to Make. Would look amazing blown up and framed on the wall of a craft room :)

Goats gruff

Ladybird Well Loved Tales - The Three Billy Goats Gruff was my favourite story my father used to read to me as a child.oh I loved that book when I was a kid.

Uhm.... Ok I'm old.... I remember this.... We played it with floppy discs

My favorite game during school computer lab. I was part of the beginning of the generation in school that was taught how to use a computer, and let me tell you, Oregon Trail was high tech then!

"A First Ladybird Book of Nursery Rhymes", Ladybird Books Ltd., series 413, copyright 1965. Illustrator:- Frank Hampson

FIRST BOOK OF NURSERY RHYMES Vintage Ladybird Book Tales and Rhymes. I had so many Ladybird books when I was a kid. I have no idea what happened to them all. Either in my mum's attic or ruined by my kid sister?

DOWNY DUCKLING Vintage Ladybird Book Animal Rhymes Series 401 Matt hardback 1965

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Shaker Maker Magic Mix Refill

All different figures to make depending which box set you had, where the figures had set there were paints to paint them