Make sediment jars to learn about dirt. This is a fun introduction to soil science for kids.

Learn about Dirt with Sediment Jars

Lean about what dirt is made of by creating sediment jars. This easy science project goes well with the book Dirt: The Scoop on Soil.

use gummy bears and a loaf of bread to teach fossils!

Gummy bears and bread to demonstrate fossils. Layers of bread represent layers of Earth. Add pressure by placing books on top. Leave for 3 days. Make predictions before and after experiment. A great science lesson before a trip to a museum!

Turn the hallway into a cave using the kids art!  We could totally do this with the hallway entrance to my classroom!

There are certain units in art class that take on a life of their own and just GROW! My Cave art unit turned out even better than I had anticipated and grew into a Pre-K – Grade 5 theme due…

Kids love to gather sticks. This would be great inspiration to create a figure out of sticks, add an element of clay and portraiture for the head, then coat the body with encaustic medium. Contemporary, cool and many layers of learning. artist christine bourdette

christine bourdette - totem - found wood, plaster, sheet metal, paint exerpts from the exhibition 'riddles, bunnyheads and asides' 2008

Stone Age Rock Wall Art

Stone Age Rock Wall Art// explain how this was how they told stories. rocks were like the books we read today.

"The Flintstones" Opening

"The Flintstones" Opening - must have heard this hundreds of times Yabba Dabba Doooo!

There's a Dragon in my Art Room: Into the Caves! by 4th grade

These are samples of grade cave paintings on "rock" (no, it is not traditional clay - read on to find out the crazy material we used).