David Hockney 'Mum' (1988-89)

David Hockney - Mum David's mother's eyes define the hard northern working class life she has lead.

David Hockney - "Steps into Water"

David Hockney Steps into the water Kodacolour photograph, from ‘Twenty Photographic pictures by David Hockney’, 270 x - -

David Hockney: Munich Olympic Games (1970), The signed, limited edition lithograph - before poster text was added!

David Hockney: Munich Olympic Games (1970

David Hockney: Munich Olympic Games Notice how the water has been really simplified with the reflection of the swimmer on the surface. Try to take photographs of different reflections and ripples.

David Hockney

Our friend Marc Schiller (of The Wooster Collective) just posted these paintings that artist David Hockney created with his iPhone .

David Hockney Pool & Steps

"Pool and Steps" 1971 Dive In: David Hockney's Pool Paintings Capture The Best Of SoCal Modernism - Architizer