Developing your OH career path in the current climate

Ice Wang from Winkworth’s China desk has become a columnist for the Nouvelles D'Europe UK newspaper. The newspaper is distributed to the Chinese community across the UK including businesses and Chinese supermarkets.
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First aid skills can be vital in any situation involving people, but they are often of particular use in sports. After all, when people exert themselves, they are at a greater risk of doing themselves damage and their bodies are under higher levels of strain.

A project which helps football players receive the kind of first aid treatment that helped save midfielder Fabrice Muamba’s life was launched at the end of last year by Bolton manager Owen Coyle.

Once upon a time, career progression in the world of occupational health was very linear. You’d find occupational health jobs then would progress upwards, perhaps taking in some lateral roles along the way to broaden your skillset, with promotions generally being the sole focus of opportunity.

Full-time employees generally spend at least half of their ‘awake’ hours in the workplace. Consequently, it is important that they are safe and comfortable while at work, and as their employer, it is your duty to make sure this is so.

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