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Our New Material of the Month: BRICK! Brick is versatile and is thriving in contemporary Architecture!


I have always loved brick façades. The depth of the façade and rectangular windows look great. I bet the architect enjoyed drawing the elevations Colors of windows and brick

Skinny Rotterdam house for two architects features black brickwork and concealed windows

Skinny Rotterdam house for two architects features black brickwork

Image 2 of 38 from gallery of skinnySCAR / Gwendolyn Huisman and Marijn Boterman. Courtesy of Gwendolyn Huisman and Marijn Boterman

Perforated metal facade by Architecture 00. Designed to eventually become a framework for climbing plants.

Metal-clad building provides facilities for local entrepreneurs

Sierravent es un sistema de fachada ventilada formado por bloques de gres extruido que incorporan los soportes necesarios para sostener la hoja exterior de fachada, haciendo innecesario el uso de estructuras metálicas

Sierravent by Sierragres® legend: A- Dust-pressed porcelain stoneware tile cladding. B- Base element with integral ceramic support. C- Infill element for the tile slip. D- Plastic strap. E- Hollow clay tile slip with integral support.

2015 Duggan Morris - Blossom Street / concept / London UK / brick / AHMM…

Would be a great representation of the Living Above the Store Project.

Professor Ingeborg M. Rocker of Rocker-Lange Architects and students at the Graduate School of Design at Harvard University, USA, have used a robot to build an undulating double-wall structure made of 4100 wooden "bricks" to create complex double curvature walls.

On the Bri(n)ck at Graduate School of Design, Harvard University