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Jonathan Yule

Jonathan Yule
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Shadowrun: Hong Kong by Harebrained Schemes LLC — Kickstarter

Harebrained Schemes LLC is raising funds for Shadowrun: Hong Kong on Kickstarter! A Shadowrun cyberpunk cRPG set in Magically Awakened Hong Kong by the developers of Shadowrun Returns & Dragonfall.

Voyage of the Jerle Shannara | The Jerle Shannara | Artwork by Marie Schroeder

This is my interpretation of the sky ship, "Jerle Shannara." Brooks decribed it as being the fastest airship ever built. The_Jerle_Shannara

'The Shannara Chronicles' First Look: A World of Imagination #SDCC -

Ready for MTV's adaptation of 'The Shannara Chronicles'? If so, get your first look at the show's debut trailer out of SDCC

'Hannibal': We Are Family -

Dangerous connections are examined, as Will meets with Bedelia and Francis takes Reba on a unique date in 'Hannibal': "…And the Woman Clothed in the Sun.