Yes, I definitely think so.

Surreal Paintings Ripping Through the Canvas

Artist Jim Warren& surreal paintings for his ongoing series titled Ripping portrays children and disembodied adult hands ripping through the canvas into a

Ben Wilson's Chewing Gum Art

Chewing gum art on the streets of Muswell Hill by Ben Wilson

I bet the last time you stood on someone else’s chewing gum, you didn’t admire it as art. Well, English ‘urban-graffiti’ street artist Ben Wilson has spent many hours painting the sticky stuff on the pavements (sidewalks) of London.

Driving Shifts Into Reverse: Gorgeous Chart by Hannah Fairfield for the New York Times. Static Infographics continue to reign supreme in my mind.

Economists have long studied the relationship between driving habits and gasoline prices. Low gas prices can bring periods of profligate driving and a


The Pieta. Peter's Basicillica, The Vatican, Rome Italy. This large marble statue depicts Mary cradling the dead body of Christ after the crucifixion. This is my favorite statue.

Hmmm, it has no functional purpose but evokes a reaction.... so yes.

Anish Kapoor's Massive Balloon Beast

The purple rubber beast, Leviathan for Monumenta Anish Kapoor Grand Palais Paris

I'm a big fan of Ursus Wehrli after I got his first book Tidying Up Art. Now he has another book and a Ted talk. And yes, tidying up art is art :-)

Alphabetized Alphabet soup - one example of extreme tidying up by Swiss artist Ursus Wehrli

Indeed and fascinatingly cool.

Michael Hansmeyer - computational architecture and digital fabrication; projects including Subdivided Columns, Platonics Solids, and Digital Grotesque