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Tracing Lines Busy Bag (Free Printable)

(work on writing) This free printable tracing lines busy bag for preschoolers is a great introduction to writing. Preschoolers will have fun tracing the lines and practicing their fine motor skills.(work on writing)

Classroom helpers. Give children the responsibility of choosing or randomly put one child's name in each?

Help Wanted bulletin board. Pockets with classroom job descriptions. Write student names on craft sticks and place them in appropriate pocket. Fun and easy way to switch up student jobs throughout the year.

Little Miss Kimberly Ann: Math Center Freebies: Numbers, Counting, and Shapes

Perfect math center for kids to practice counting and correspondence. Gives students prompts of where to put clothes pins if they are not yet counting.

This fun math would be great to use for Kindergarten or younger to help with learning about counting. This can help greatly for number sense. It gives children something tangible to touch so that they can learn to count.

Adding popsicle sticks to our wish lists for these cool magnetic counting sticks (from the Elementary Math Maniac). Use to teach number sense - counting sets, ordering numbers, etc.

Harissa marinated halloumi wraps with roasted vegetables & spiced sweet potato wedges - Domestic Gothess

Salty halloumi cheese, sweet roasted vegetables and sweet potato wedges belong together. Try this quick and easy wrap recipe for a tasty lunch.

Roast Beef Sandwich With Herbed Goat Cheese, Crispy Zucchini And Sweet Potato Chips And Watermelon Radishes

Roast beef, whipped goat cheese with herbs, zucchini and sweet potato chips & radish on a bagel. I think making sandwiches is my favorite thing. No fuss and you can get super creative

Delicious chicken tikka wraps recipe with quick and easy homemade oven baked chicken tikka - fab lunch box idea for adults or kids

It couldn't be easier to make your own chicken tikka for sandwiches using this simple oven bake method! Plus a delicious sandwich wrap recipe to use it in!