Fun. Bright. Cool the way the picture in the back is popping out and tangled with the words.

New Floral Typographic post cards from Tiny Prints!

Cool integration of image into the text.

Food infographic Juice Meds by Isabela Rodrigues. - a grouped images picture Infographic Description Juice Meds by Isabela Rodrigues - Infographic Source

Really cool. I like the Big word over the smaller font

Wax Jambu - The contrast between the gold printing ad the textured paper, it works wonderfully.

Love the messy/smashed food as a backdrop to clean white font.

The Great Catering Company. Love the watercolor effect even though limits logo's usability in vector.

Orange Investments Identity | Pocket Folder Cover | Image 6 of 8

Simple/graphic Orange Investments logo by Face.

love the simple design and the white with cut out and photo behind

NATURE'S CURE by Gracy Leal, via Behance :: This makes me feel pretty good about getting a bunch of orange, yellow, and purple carrots from the CSA

Food: Detox Smoothies on Behance

Detox Smoothies by Leslie Grow

I really like this treatment. The faded pic with the font simply being a cut out on top.

The faded pic with the font simply being a cut out on top.