Thunderbird 2 Type 4 - large nose section for closeups / scale - used for Pod vehicles coming out of large Pods - it's really quite a short version of the nose

Type 4 Thunderbird 2 - large nose section for closeups / scale

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Ludicrous aircraft innovations that will never get off the ground

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They set it alight - how COULD they? Didn't they realise how VALUABLE these original models would become? (& yes, my tongue IS half in my cheek here - but only half!

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Fireball - The Space Patrol Crew - Robert the robot, Dr Venus and Steve Zodiac 1962

Virgil Tracy of the Thunderbirds The voice of David Holliday.

Gerry Anderson and his supermarionation superstars – in pictures

Thunderbird 2 A British (and International) icon They don't design like this any more (And we don't see drawings like this any more either) From the Thunderbirds Secret Files