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skewers of meat and vegetables on a plate with parsley garnish
Lamb Kabobs
Make delicious Lamb Kabobs (Shish Kebab) on the grill using soaked bamboo skewers, with a simple marinade of warm Mediterranean spices! Such an easy and crowd pleasing recipe!
meatballs and vegetables are in a pan with tomato sauce on the side, ready to be eaten
Izmir köfte - Delicious baked Turkish meatballs with vegetables
İzmir köfte (Turkish meatballs with potato and tomato sauce) - recipe / A kitchen in Istanbul
1h 0m
chicken skewers with rice and garnish on a plate
Lamb Shish Kebab
Lamb Shish Kebab
chicken wings and tortillas with salsa on the side
Tangdi Kebab (Oven Baked Tandoori Chicken Legs)
1h 40m
a bowl filled with sour cream and dill
Authentic Tzatziki Sauce (the real deal) — Salt & Baker
This authentic Tzatziki Sauce Recipe is homemade with grated cucumbers, fresh dill and plain greek yogurt. It’s creamy, delicious and great on more foods than just gyros!
two eggplant stuffed with meat and garnish on a white plate
Turkish Ground Beef Stuffed Eggplant Karniyarik Recipe - Give Recipe
1h 20m
a white bowl filled with tzatzki sauce on top of a red and white towel
How To Make The Best Greek Tzatziki Sauce - The Tortilla Channel
the food is stacked on top of each other with lemons and olives next to it
Turkish Gozleme with Lamb
a stack of food that is on top of a metal pan with toothpicks sticking out of it
Chicken Kebab Pinch Of Nom
there are several skewers with meat on them
Baked Beef Kofta Kebab Recipe | El Mundo Eats
greek yogurt flatbread with parsley on top and another image in the background
Greek Yogurt Turkish Flatbread (Bazlama)
1h 0m
a stack of quesadillas on a plate with lemons and olives
Turkish Gozleme with Lamb