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°YinYang ~ State of Balance


1964 Austin Mini Cooper S Rally race racing classic cooper-s g wallpaper background


We’re heading for Venus and still we stand tall by Zarnala/Kim Nguyen. (via We’re heading for Venus and still we stand tall by Zarnala on de.

Skeleton art

Maybe with a skull in an hourglass with flowers around it and with a skeleton hand holding the orb

black and white

McBess - French illustrator who effortlessely crosses the modern with the…


Ursus Wehrli has produced 2 books in which he takes ordinary scenes to pieces and puts them back together again in a more ordered or organised way. He creates order out of disorder.


Boicu Marinela, "Breaking," pen and ink drawing, 2012


the far shore, 2012 Saatchi Online Artist Lia Melia; Painting, "Siren Song" Beware the tempting, dangerous waters of .

Forced perspective photography.

Funny pictures about Creative perspective photography. Oh, and cool pics about Creative perspective photography. Also, Creative perspective photography.

—Andy Warhol print

andy warhol gun 82 black and red on white Andy Warhol Pop Art, Gallery, Pictures