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an image of a group of people standing on top of a building in the sky
ArtStation - Explore
a futuristic cityscape with a giant ship in the foreground and buildings on either side
27 Incredible Sci-fi & Fantasy Artworks - Dreamstale
an image of a desert with a building in the foreground and stars in the background
a man in a sewer with his hand out to the ground and another person reaching into it
#CoolArt: 'Reach' by Donato Giancola
a painting of people walking in the snow with a large object on their head and legs
Metcalf, Bryn Geronimo Jones
two people standing on top of a hill next to a large object in the sky
Some Sketchtember Stuff, Thomas Chamberlain-Keen
an image of a sci - fi movie poster
The Engineers Art Print by Pascal Blanché
a man with a backpack is walking up a hill towards a tower in the sky
Outpost 060319, Jeffrey Read
an alien ship floating on top of a body of water
The Journey - Surveying BXT83-10, Andrzej Sykut
an abstract painting of two large white boats in the distance, with dark clouds overhead
ArtStation - Explore
an artist's rendering of a ship flying over the ocean with two people on it
Colour Sketches Compilation 8, Kunrong Yap
an ink drawing of a large steam engine in a building with people standing around it