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a book cover with an image of people on a boat
Voyage to Utopia and the City Obscure
a poster with a man talking on a cell phone in front of a flying object
a train is sitting on the tracks in an underground station with glass ceiling and arched windows
A futuristic train designed like a basilisk with rococo detailing, by Stephan Martiniere & Peter Els
Fantasy Artwork, Dieselpunk Art, Dieselpunk Vehicles, Dieselpunk, Steampunk Characters, Steampunk Tendencies
Mecha Repression, Gabriel Tanko
an artist's rendering of a ship floating in the sky
Airbattleship in flight by Blackadder02 on DeviantArt
a painting of a train traveling through a city with tall buildings on either side and a person in a small boat
an artist's rendering of two airplanes flying over a city
Science Fiction, Fantasy World, Futuristic Art
an old, rusty looking robot is standing on a black base with wires coming out of it
Metallica, Sculptures Artistiques, Steampunk Gadgets
Stéphane Halleux sculptures
Character Art, Character Design, Robot, Cool Robots, Resim, Robot Art
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a statue of a man in a gas mask holding a wrench
a toy robot is posed on a white surface
an old, rusty robot is sitting on a black surface