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Done with coffee and a coffee cup ... yeah

Coffee Cup Stain Portrait by Hong Yi. Malaysian artist Hong Yi uses all sorts of unconventional objects to create portraits. Recently, she created a huge portrait of Taiwanese musician Jay Chou by staining the canvas with a coffee cup.

creative-collage-by charles Williams

Very detailed, has different textures and images within the individual shapes. Shadows and gradients create depth. Geometrical design, very structured and loose at the same time. Psychogeography by Charles Williams, via Behance

Jacket front made from Porcelain Fragments from the Ming and Qing Dynasties

li xiaofeng is beijing artist who creates clothing piece made from traditional chinese ceramics. he makes the clothing from ceramic shards coming from the song, ming, yuan and qing dynasties, which are sewn together on a leather undergarment.

La jeune fille à la perle, LEGO

Though simple bricks of different colors, when arranged skillfully, a representation of a classic masterpiece is formed. Like in similar Lego ads, Lego seems to be encouraging its builders to stretch their creative limits.