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i looked at this image when i was designing one of my characters and i like the colours used on this image.

Green Arrow commission by phil-cho - Visit to grab an amazing super hero shirt now on sale!

I like the drained look of this city and this is what i would want my world to look like.

Let's dive into the universe of Eddie Del Rio, feelance concept artist for Lucas Art, Disney or ILM.

This is the weapon that the leader would use and he would be wearing this kind of clothing. The grey used is a way of showing that the world isn't a bright and happy place anymore and its post apocalyptic.

Archer, by Ken Barthelmey. [Can't quite decide if Serena would pick up a compound bow. Could be cool, even if she is mostly used to traditional archery]

Spoiler alert! One of the most shocking moments in my gaming history was when I played Knights of The Old Republic,  around the end of the game I found out that my character was the evil dark lord REVAN you have been hearing about since the beginning!!!

Darth Revan, Star Wars, Knights of the Old Republic. He only comes in at second for my all time favorite Star Wars character.