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a shelf made out of clay with various items on it and shelves in the middle
Foam mud house style display shelf by Kiki Jane Sieger
Expanding foam shelf, mud house shelf, insulation foam, green shelf, diy shelf, book case, expanding foam diy,
a table with two vases on it and a book in front of the table
Coffee Table, Modern Coffee Table, Round Corner Sturdy End Table, Cute Accent Modern Coffee Table, Interior Home Decoration, Suitable for Living Room, Bedroom (Size : 140cm)
PRICES MAY VARY. Add a modern design to your living space with coffee tables, comes that will effortlessly blend with your existing decor, whether you prefer a contemporary or minimalist style. Our coffee table features a circular shape with carefully crafted rounded edges, creating a safer environment for you and your loved ones. Adding to its charm, this circular coffee table offers versatility in placement, its compact size makes it suitable for both spacious living rooms and cozy corners. Wh
a glass table with two white balls on it and a pink book in the middle
a plant in a white vase sitting on top of a counter next to bottles and soaps
a living room filled with furniture and yellow walls
Tour Artist Claire Tabouret’s Hand-Painted Home in LA
a concrete block with green and blue geometric shapes in the center, sitting on a white surface
David Batchelor - Overview
a room filled with different colored tiles on the floor and walls, all lined up against each other
an abstract painting with different colors and lines on the bottom, including blue, green, purple
Jinie Park
Jinie Park
a cup that is sitting on a table
Cylinders — LAUREN MABRY
Cylinder (view 1)