Neville Brody's work for the disruption via @Gabiskandar

Gabrielle Iskandar on

Neville Brody Typography and photography Black and white The Typography and Photography stands out I picked this image because of the colour and the image looks very creative and it very good laid

Along with Pete Saville, my favourite typography wizards - Neville Brody, breaking the rules and charging through the barriers.

Neville Brody final1

I liked the black background and the white text, i like how the text has been split up in bits it looks like CRI CUT type work.

Neville Brody Lecture Poster by Maria Iorio, via Behance

A lecture poster for a design hero of your choice was the assignment. I chose Neville Brody I love his style of type and shape. We had to make an event poster as if he were to come give a lecture about his design here is my execution.

Neville Brody's Type Faces Poster

This is a poster I designed as a class project promoting Neville Brody and his work throughout the years.