Relaxo Ranch / Wolveridge Architects

El Rancho Relaxo / Wolveridge Architects

pivoting battened panel facade

Aalen University Extension / MGF Architekten

shop front - wood shutter Pivot screening on the outside of the Aalen University extension by MGF Architecten

IS / Yo Yamagata Architects

IS / Yo Yamagata Architects


Checker Box Office Complex / Arsh Design Group

Image 13 of 36 from gallery of Checker Box Office Complex / Arsh Design Group.

The mesh door of the Salix Bistro In Victoria’s Mornington Peninsula, Australia

The Salix Bistro In Victoria’s Mornington Peninsula, Australia

Heliocosm by FREAKS freearchitects

French studio FREAKS freearchitects inserted a rectangular timber tunnel inside Paris cosmetics shop Heliocosm.

House in Serra de Janeanes by João Branco

Cluster of farm buildings and animal pens revamped by João Branco to create a weekend house for a family in Portugal's Sierra de Janeanes district.

Casa O / 01 Arq

Casa O / 01Arq

Open, Casa O Architects: Location: Colina, Chile Design Team: Cristian Winckler, Pablo Saric, Felipe Fritz Project Year: 2009

Hidden House by Teatum+Teatum: “..Perforated steel doors fold open  ... a glittering facade of black render and metal filings..

* Residential Architecture: Hidden House by Teatum+Teatum

Unique Hidden House by Teatum+Teatum - Perforated steel doors fold open like the wings of a butterfly at the backstreet entrance to this London house by architects Teatum+Teatum.