Janice Wu creates meticulous drawings of everyday found objects

Janice Wu creates meticulous drawings of everyday found objects - blanket made of 'everyday scenes'?

Repetition Repetition Repetition and Rhythm

Shape and Pattern - though these are normal everyday Q-tips, the way they are placed, in the pattern, attracts our attention to the formation and makes the Q-tips more interesting.

edward weston photography fresh vision of the everyday

When he came back he concentrated on nature studies until he died in Edward Weston is widely regarded as one of the foremost photographers in America.

Irving Penn's "Bird Bones"

"Bird bones" 1980 platinum palladium print on aluminium Irving Penn (Plainfield, New Jersey, USA 1917 - New York bird bones

Irving Penn - Flowers | Hamiltons

Iceland Poppy/Papaver nudicaule, Irving Penn 2006 Continuation of his original series on poppies, 1969 (Commissioned by Vogue for their Christmas edition) “I can claim no special knowledge of.

Irving Penn

Irving Penn Cracked Egg, New York 1958 chromogenic print Copyright © by the The Irving Penn Foundation

Peter Keetman, 1958

© Peter Keetman, Rohre (Pipes) Peter Keetman was one of the founder-members of the Fotoform group in 1949 with Otto Steinert and others. His preference for black and white enhanced his strong designs, often based around the effects of light on the

Very nice still life photograph

Such an odd image. I can't tell if its distorted in the glass or if it would simply appear this way with how everything is positioned. I want to draw it, but I can't imagine the doing the multiple layers of value formed by overlapping glasses.