Butterflies and fern. Drypoint and mono print. OOAK on Etsy, $129.18 AUD

Drypoint and mono print. I really like her the fern can be added to show greater texture.

Standing on a Hill, 1994, drypoint etching, by Shigeki Tomura - I don't think this Tomura etching is on the board yet. S

two trees, Shigeki Tomura(戸村 茂樹 Japanese, image eases my heart.

"Burning dragon" dry point etching. Jet James

"Burning dragon" dry point etching by Jet James

Butterflies. Drypoint trio hand made print. Skipper, Fritillary & Holly Blue Butterfly on Etsy, $110.84 AUD

Butterflies from Devon Hedgerows / Skipper, Fritillary and Holly Blue butterfly - drypoint print - Lynn Bailey, U.

Tree 1 A drypoint print of a tree from a copper door RichardKayeArt

Tree A drypoint print of a tree from a copper plate, printed on Somerset paper using traditional intaglio technique.

Peacock Butterfly drypoint print. Hand by LynnBaileyPrintmaker, £33.00

Hand coloured a la poupee.

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