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steampunk crab

Guy Himber does a great job mixing Lego Bionicle parts with Lego System Elements to create wicked looking Steampunk creations.

"Steam Dinos Rule" by lego_nabii, via Flickr

afragmentcastadrift: “ From Boing Boing - Mark Stafford’s “Steam-Dinos” is a Lego fantasy with its own backstory: “ “A spiffing way to go to war I decided as we powered through the veldt.

Lego Steampunk Imperial Walker

37 wonderful artworks that bring the galaxy far far away in an undefined future back to the the Victorian era with added sense of antiquity of steampunk.

LEGO Steampunk Batcave

Epic steampunk Batcave adds Victorian flair to Batman’s secret lair by Legopard