Unit 2: 'Devise a response based on a cyclical process' research

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Loop by Aritz Moreno.  Winner: Best Filminute 2011.

WINNER Best Filminute 2011 LOOP - Weird film but it has a working and simple idea. The idea of waking up and doing the same things, a bit like the film groundhog day.

Maybe One Day

Maybe One Day, i really like this and i love the fact your always seeing him from the shoulders upwards but you see so much around him and its almost like the background tells the story and his face is just added tool for the narrator,

Old Spice commercial, HOW IS THIS POSSIBLE

Behind the Scenes of the rube-goldbergesque Old Spice Body Wash commercials.

Choose Not to Fall by Matthew Marsh.  Winner Filminute 2010.

WINNER Best Filminute 2010 CHOOSE NOT TO FALL - Sport themed, inspiration words, simple concept, spoken overlay on silent video footage.

Barista POV - if I had the memory of this man, I would probably be a supervillain...either way, ridiculous

POV Barista - Fast Bar Service at Cafe' Casa Acoreana in Kensington Market.

Sunrise Time Lapse Wild Coast Beach South Africa - Africa Travel Channel

Amazing sunrise over the Wild Coast of South Africa.

Cloud Atlas 2012 trailer - i would love to do something based around this idea

Cloud Atlas Extended Trailer - Tom Hanks, Halle Berry, Wachowski Very ambitious, might not pull it all off, but I gotta say I'm pretty damn excited to check it out