studio ideas

a white wall with various ornaments hanging from it
Mobiles — Yuko Nishikawa
an open box filled with lots of different types of leaves and seed pods on top of a white table cloth
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five pieces of artwork are hanging on the wall with clothes pins attached to them,
Schmuck 2013 – Draw Me… – Disegnami…
a rock with shells embedded in it
a desk with a glass top and wooden frame on the bottom, against a white wall
Jewelry Display Case — Kendrick Anderson
a table with some books on it in a room
three glass boxes sitting on top of a wooden floor next to each other in front of a gray wall
10 Easy Pieces: Wardian Cases - Gardenista
glass specimen display case; Gardenista
April Notes Linen Color Palette Earthy Color Palette, Colour Schemes, Earthy Tones, Linen Fabric, Fabric Color, Color Palette, Color Palette Design
Earthy Linen Color Palette | April Notes
the emotional effects of color in an infographized circle, with different colors