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Water bead sensory bag for toddlers and preschoolers. What a fun mess-free sensory activity. (scheduled via

Who needs a sensory table when you can have a sensory window? This water bead sensory window bag is one of our favorite ways to distract the kids with mess-free sensory play.the perfect solution when you need a moment to tackle the mess!

A Jar Full of Feelings Sensory Regulation Activity - Subscribe to life's Learning's blog at: I provide counseling in Spokane and HIPPA compliant Online Counseling. Twitter: @sapelskog. Counselors, FB page: Everyone, FB:

A Jar Full of Feelings is a visual sensory regulation activity to help children recognize and respond appropriately to their feelings.

fun way to practice math facts for kinesthetic learners

this simple math activity is a fun way to practice math facts for kinesthetic learners


This activity allows students to understand situations that entail multiplication and division, such as equal groupings of objects and sharing equally. Using a manipulative, students physically demonstrate computations with division.