Call me crazy but I find this pretty damn awesome! I love all the elements that make up this portrait.. Prob will never get it, but if I did I'd put it on my thigh!

drawing death skulls girl animals people Black and White beautiful face pencil draw animal tattoos tattoo flowers skull bird tattooed Sketch bones teeth roses tattooed girl nose tattoo design hummingbird shoulder Tattoo artist girls with tattoos beautiful

Artist: Anna Aniskina (sketchbook pages - part 3 on Behance) Inspiration: Dense line work with color

Some artworks inspire you so much. Artist: Anna Aniskina (sketchbook pages - part 3 on Behance) Inspiration: Dense line work with color.

Ms. Eaton's Close to Mosaic Grid Drawings - I've done these as self portraits with my second yr kids for 14 yrs

Eaton's Phileonia Artonian: Close to Mosaic Grid Drawings (very much like what I am doing in art class)

I hope this whole thing shows up, because it's gorgeous. Via Tumblr sosuperawesome: hogret

Altered Book spread in a Folio of William Hazlitt's essays. vintage botanical illustrations of butterflies (some on paper, some packing .

Hundertwasser - would make great quilts

Hundertwasser - saw a brilliant exhibition of his in Johannesburg at RAU in 1990 on an art school trip

Fine-art photographer Sharon Johnstone loves to experiment with still-life set-ups. To create her bubble macro shots (see above), she fills up a glass of water and adds a few drops of olive oil.

The still life photographers' guide to lighting: 4 techniques, 4 different effects


ink and gouache on vintage book pages adhered together to create one sheet ready for framing as desired, part of an ongoing series of nudes and subtle nudes created over the past six years featuri.

Zentangle Patterns & Ideas                                                                                                                                                                                 More

Steampunk Owl Illustration By Doodle Artist Kerby Rosanes / so fuckin awesome and unique !

Dark Citris Oil Painting 18"x24" by Emily Christoff.

Dark Citris Oil Painting by Emily Christoff. This painting shows an implied gel like texture like a lemon actually has. Movement is shown in an upwards motion by the vein-y lines in the lemon.