Eric Ravilious, Sussex winter, South Downs, England

In the art world, pounds is loose change. As a bookseller it& a sizeable chunk of my salary, but when I discovered that a limited edit.

"Buscot Park, Farringdon" by Eric Ravilious, c.1938. The painting was commissioned by Lord Berners of Farringdon.

Buscot Park Farringdon Eric Ravilious 10 x 12 inch ready mounted print SUPERB

Eric Ravilious

Buscot Park By Eric Ravilious: Category: Art Currency: GBP Price: Retail Price: This beautiful reproduction of a

Firing a 9.2 Gun by Eric Ravilious, 1941

IWM ART LD image: a gun position set on a hillside. A group of figures stand on the right behind the camouflaged structure that houses the gun

Judd St Eric Ravilious - Shepherds Falkiners

'Judd St Eric Ravilious' decorative paper in orange by English designer, illustrator & artist Eric Ravilious available via Falkiner Fine Papers

'Night Operations', by Eric Ravilious, 1941

Supermarine Sea Otter Amphibian - pilot being guided ashore by batman by Eric Ravilious