lino print

I like the lines on the bird swirly. Also the effect of the leaves blowing in the wind. The brown and green blend in well together. I also love the shapes of the leaves and the white texture on the grass.

Block Printed Snowflake Cards

Giveaway: Block Printed Snowflake Cards

These block-printed snowflake Christmas cards are understated but festively pretty.

Jacinta Robin in midnight blue limited edition linocut by MabelFox

Jacinta Robin in midnight blue, limited edition scandi style linocut, bird lover print

Laser Cut Christmas Cards | christmas baubles laser-cut card by alljoy

christmas baubles laser-cut card by alljoy - This wonderful, festive card is laser-cut with a Christmassy design in white, with a hanging bauble in the centre. It looks fabulous on display with the laser-cut detail standing out against the gold