duncan grant - design for fabric "apollo and daphne"

Design for Fabric ‘Apollo and Daphne’ pencil and gouache on paper Duncan Grant -'Special’ story with David Garnett/Vanessa Bell/father Angelica Garnett (Virginia Woolf niece)


marleyandme: “THE CLUB” French club chairs circa Oh my gosh…. more leather chairs than I can handle.

Pair of Spanish 17th-century mirrors; Spanish 17th-century armchair on left; Modern English armchair on right upholstered in Jim Thomson fabric.   - Veranda.com

17th-Century Seville Palace (Interiors By Europe's "It" Designer)

Drawing Room Pair of Spanish mirrors; Spanish armchair on left; Modern English armchair on right upholstered in Jim Thomson fabric.

Calling a home "excessive" might be considered an insult to some, but the adjective puts a wide smile on the handsome face of designer Hutton Wilkinson as he stands amid the riotous splendor of the 4,000-square-foot Venetian palazzo he has built to share with Ruth, his wife of 36 years, in Beverly Hills. "I can't imagine the lives of minimalists," he says. "This is minimalism to me." Custom table. Antique Chinese coral branches. 17th-century Venetian painting.    - Veranda.com

Hutton Wilkinson's Exotic Hollywood Home

When designer Bunny Williams first conceived the garden at her country house in Litchfield County, Connecticut, it was nothing more than a bed for vegetables and blooms. "I chose a sunny spot and had it plowed," she says of the property she now shares with her husband, the antiques dealer John Rosselli. Paths, hedges, and architectural features such as a lattice archway define Bunny Williams's garden.   - Veranda.com

How to Create A Tranquil Garden

Prince - Creep Live At Coachella 2008 (Uploaded Via Permission From Radi...

The musician, known as much for his hit songs as he was for his eclectic style and rebellious attitude, died Thursday at the age of

nordstrom.com   - Veranda.com

How To Master Grace Kelly's Style

Superfluous Essentials | 1stdibs Introspective

Superfluous Essentials

Superfluous Essentials | 1stdibs Introspective