Brown Betty

They pour better than any other, and keep the tea warm, too.

Brown Betty Teapot cupcake

MAD HATTERS TEA PARTY - Reduced sugar chocolate cupcake with raspberry Italian meringue buttercream topped with a hand made fondant Brown Betty Teapot.


Collecting and Using Brown Betty Teapots

The Brown Betty teapot is considered by most tea drinkers to brew the perfect cup of tea.

Cobalt Betty Teapot - 6 Cup

Cobalt Betty Teapot - 6 Cup

Cobalt Betty Teapot - 8 Cup and other lovely English tea items. British people believe the Brown Betty makes the best pot of tea, despite it's humble appearance. The same teapot is now available in cobalt blue.

life would not be the same without my Brown Betty

Price & Kensington Rockingham Finish "Brown Betty" English Teapot with Stainless Steel Tea Filter

Brown Betty collection - the embodiment of homely Englishness

The Brown Betty has its origins in the century when English potters copied the spherical shape of Ming Dynasty Chinese porcelain imports.

Brown Betty teapots and teas

Brown Betty teapots and teas