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Jessica Pringle

Jessica Pringle
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Neat idea for exploring light and shadow on a sunny day

Shadow drawing is a simple but fun outdoor art activity for kids. "In the morning a.) or late afternoon p.), place a table in a sunny spot where long shadows will be cast. Unroll paper along one side of the table, and arrange a variety of object

Fun ideas for science linked to The Gingerbread Man. Make a bridge for the gingerbread man, soak gingerbread men in different substances and more.

Make a simple guitar and set up fun and easy sound science experiments for kids. How do sounds sound different in different rooms.

Good morning, y'all! This is my last Monday to sleep in and wouldn't you know my little one was awake at 6:15....what?! BUT, at least I'm...

For the Love of Teaching: Monday Made It {Beach Ball Activity & Math About Me}. We have used inflatable ball for Geography. Seen some fill in the blank, what about blue or clear then they could write on it?

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Love this idea! What's the number? Kids ask questions like Is the number greater than/less than. Is the number between ___ and ___? Is the number in the tens place ____? Or students may ask in number sentences- - Is the number