David Hockney

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SÉRIE MODE : DAVID HOCKNEY’S POOL Super stylized photography!

Série mode : David Hockney’s Pool

David Hockney’s Pool. “I think this is my favorite kids fashion editorial ever. It’s by Oliver Spies for Milk Magazine. When art and fashion and photography collide into one.

David Hockney - My Parents, 1977. Oil on canvas

David Hockney: ‘Just because I’m cheeky, doesn’t mean I’m not serious’

A similar envision of my parents growing old together. I love how the portrait could look so lovely with its choices of gentle, soft and warm colours. A painting by David Hockney. David Hockney - "My Parents"

A David Hockney iPad painting

A David Hockney iPad painting (like the way Hockney has used tablets etc, to create art.

David Hockney, Sun (19??)

Hockney, David British, born 1937 Sun 1973 lithograph (aluminum and stone) and screenprint on Arjomari paper

david-hockney-the-road-across-the-wolds-1997-oil-on-canvas.jpg 1,213×977 pixels

The Road across the Wolds, 1997 by David Hockney. This bright, vivid print depicts the rolling countryside of Hockney’s beloved Yorkshire as it part of a larger series of painting he did of the area.

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