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Modeling With Line

Giorgio Morandi Still Life with Five Objects 1956 Etching.

GREAT to teach negative and positive spaces!!! **Giorgio Morandi, Still life with Vases on a Table, 1931

Giorgio Morandi: Lines of Poetry

Giorgio Morandi, Still life with Vases on a Table, 1931 - art project ideas - school

In most still life paintings, we see some table because we're looking down. The table edge is behind the objects.  Giorgio Morandi (Italian, 1890–1964) Still Life (Natura morta), 1951

Giorgio Morandi. Retrospective

Giorgio Morandi (Italian, Still Life (Natura morta), 1951 Oil on canvas; x 40 cm) Museo Morandi, Bologna

Giorgio Morandi, Natura Morta, 1956

Irwin on Morandi

Giorgio Morandi still lifeGiorgio Morandi, a famous still life artist who died in 1964, is well known for his deceptively simple still life artworks, which repeat many familiar household items, such as vases, bowls and bottles. Morandi positions these with careful precision, with each object treated as if it were a sculptural entity: a formal exploration of space and form. His paintings in particular have a subtle use of tone. The 1928 etching above, titled “Grande natura morta con la…

50+ Still life drawing ideas for Art students

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