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A Daily Dose of Architecture: Book Review: Two Tschumi Titles

Notations: Diagrams and Sequences by Bernard Tschumi Artifice Books on Architecture, 2014 Hardcover, 304 pages Tschumi Parc de la Ville.

Bernard Tschumi Sketches, Parc de la Villette 1982 © BTA.

From the of May to the of August the Swiss Architecture Museum presents the exhibition "Bernard Tschumi. Architecture: Concept & Notation", an adaptation of his first great European retrospective, which was first shown in 2014 in the Centre Pompidou.

AD Classics: Le Cylindre Sonore / Bernhard Leitner Le Cylindre Sonore / Bernhard Leitner (15) – ArchDaily

Completed in 1987 in Paris, France. Architecture and Sound create spaces with changing flexible contours. They create invisible territories which by not being limited by physical.