DIY Project - one day when I have a garden. good for a small space!! Adorable

DIY Garden Planter & Birds Bath - Anna Things and Thoughts

This is a throwback design but still a good one for those spaces indoor or out.  Would be fun if the wood and containers were painted in coordinating colors too.  The rope is easy to dye/paint to match or just use white.  Nylon rope comes in a lot of colors or one could use para chord too which comes in a slew of colors.

Jumpstart Spring: 10 DIY Planter Projects

DIY Project: Tiered Hanging Pots - painted the white rope blue with slightly watered paint - hung from a wall plant hanger instead of ceiling

pallet herb garden, this would fit almost anywhere!

[I think this idea is clever, practical yet beautiful]. Quick & easy pallet idea -- beautiful vertical herb garden DIY -- love the paint color choice. It would be so fun to pay with different fonts on the labels, too.

DIY Indoor Herb Garden | Indoor Herb Garden by Albert Kwon » Yanko Design

To Grow Herb in da House

Very clever, and lovely to look at too

Indoor Herb Garden Spring is almost here, and now is the perfect time to plant seeds and start growing your garden indoors. Spice versa – space saving indoor herb garden Here’s a space-saving concept.

Make an indoor garden - super easy and fun

let it grow: DIY eggshell starter garden. Great and GREEN idea!

Reusing a shoe rack for plants

Re-purpose a shoe organizer for a vertical herb garden! Great idea for apartment/condo living or for those with limited garden space. (What a great idea! But what to do about sealing the fabric to keep it from mildewing?

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