Keats House, Georgian house (built 1814–15) that was once home to the poet John Keats, in North London, England

Keats House, Georgian house (built that was once home to the poet John Keats, in North London, Engla

Kenwood : The Crest of London : Cleaned and Swept by the Winds via Hampstead Underground

'The Solid Comfort of the Underground': Hundreds of extraordinary Tube posters dating back a century to fetch £500,000 at auction

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Hampstead Heath has plenty of room. At times you cannot tell you are still in the City. Enjoy refreshments at Kenwood or Parliament Hill fields and look at the London skyline.

Hampstead Heath, London, nice place for some peace, quiet and wildlife!

Hampstead Heath. Such a special place. Its little tracks and paths are tattooed on my heart.

So many happy memories post University and living in Highgate, such a special place.

The poet John Keats' House in Hampstead, London from 1818 to 1820 is the setting that inspired some of his most memorable poetry including Ode to a Nightingale. It was also where he fell in love with Fanny Brawne the girl next door and from where he travelled to Rome only to die of TB at just 25

John Keats' house in Hampstead, London that has been recently renovated

London's life is amazing! Discover the green areas like Hamstead Heath. Contact us to live that experience and learn English:

Kenwood on London's Hamstead Heath.beautiful indoor/outdoor cafes (dogs permitted in latter).a lovely art collection inside

London’s 10 Best Small Museums

London’s 10 Best Small Museums

There are more than 200 museums in London, catering to every imaginable interest and field of study. Here are ten of our favorite small museums, which pack plenty of history into manageable boundaries.