Nigella recipes

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ricotta hotcakes

RICOTTA HOTCAKES These are breakfast pancakes summer-style, ridiculously light, and lemony somehow even without the addition of lemon. If you imagine the flavour of cheesecake combined with a texture(Ricotta Pancake Easy)

kERALAN fish curry

Tamarind: Nigella Lawson's Keralan Fish Curry with Lemon Rice: This tamarind-tangy curry makes for a perfect dinner on a hot night; light enough not to knock you out, but spiced enough to prompt a heat-drowsy appetite.

Pasta with meatballs in tomato sauce

Meatballs made with a combo of ground turkey breast and turkey sausage and whole wheat spaghetti make this a low-fat, heart-healthy weeknight option.I make this all the time w/out the turkey sausage its yummy

Molten chocolate babycakes

Molten chocolate babycakes

Crab cakes

Italian Style Vegan Quinoa Cakes - Quinoa is NOT a grain. but it's rich in fiber and lower on the glycemic index. This recipe is not only very healthy and delicious; it’s also a great meal suitable for a liver cleansing diet and an alkaline diet.

Halloumi with chilli

Halloumi with chilli

white chocolate and passion fruit mousse

Date-stuffed mackerel with spicy broth and couscous: Recipes: Good Food Channel by Diane Henry

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