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Hope your weekend was BOMB! I will be posting about my fun sisters weekend tomorrow AND I am hoping to have posts planned and scheduled for the rest of the week! I will be at ALT SUM. crossfit workouts at home

An upper body strength training workout to help condition you to do a pullup.

Do-A-Pullup Workout. Add this to your routine every other day to build your shoulders, arms and upper back. So.I will do something I have never done, in my entire life.a pull-up.

Back & Biceps Workout

Back and Biceps Workout This a great complete workout for biceps and back; do each workout 3 times then move to the next one. Make sure to notice the difference between the triceps kick back I posted before this;

Squat progession for convict conditioning

I like this pistol squat progression, but i would ad to the last/goal exercise holding a pound plate and doing a front raise with it while performing the pistol squat. This not only adds resistance to the squat movement but it REALLY blasts the core!


Breast feeding- so many benefits after 1 yr of age! The World Health Organization recommends breast milk until the age of