Again by Henry Moore but the style of drawing is more similar to mine. Also i like drawings of hands.

TECHNICAL DRAWING: This drawing is called Again by artist Henry Moore. I am not to sure what the medium used in this but it kind of looks like pen but in saying that I like the way he has used cross hatching to define the drawing of the his own hands.

Jim Dine 'The Side View' 1996 etching

JIM DINE (American, b. The Side View 1986 etching, soft-ground etching, and drypoint on paper sheet: 47 x 44

I like this piece because it focuses on the handle, then it gradually fades out to the main part of the tool, it works well with the shading as it really focuses on the handle, attracting the eye of the viewer.

Jim Dine - Untitled (C Clamp), 1973 - graphite, charcoal, crayon on paper

i have chosen this image as it shows the depth and detail that jim dine has put into it.

DRAWING Jim Dine From Ten Winter Tools, 1973 A suite of ten lithographs 30 x 22 inches Signed and dated in pencil.

Jim Dine - still life - emerging studies

I love this Jim Dine drawing. The flowers look like they are popping out of the paper and flowing across the top of it. This drawing seems to be fluid and flowing from the center. The flowers are detailed and yet blurred but yet evoke emotion.

Henry Moore 'Shelter Perspective'--reminiscent of Samuel Beckett's voice.

Henry Moore OM, CH Tube Shelter Perspective 1941 Pencil, ink, wax and watercolour on paper support: 483 x 438 mm frame: 750 x 695 x 25 mm Presented by the War Artists Advisory Committee de la Piedra Pinit.

Henry Moore: Sheep sketchbook

Henry Moore "‘I began to realise that underneath all that wool was a body which moved in its own way, and that each sheep had its individual character.

This charcoal drawing is one of Jim Dine's many beautiful drawings of tools. Jim Dine draws familiar, ordinary objects and gives them a life of their own. He treats the spaces in an around the objects with as much importance as the objects themselves and juxtaposes precise form with chaotic, yet controlled application of tone

1010 Drawing: Jim Dine: Amazing Drawings I liked this drawing because at first I had no idea what it was but when I looked closer it almost looked three dimensional.