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How to keep indoor cats happy and stimulated

Cat expert and behaviourist Anita Kelsey explains shares 7 tips on keeping indoor cats happy and stimulated.

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I like the fitted, tight grey and black stripped tunic. like the grungy look

Leather bracers 3.0: Gamora by CaptainMorganTeague on deviantart

Leather bracers Gamora by CaptainMorganTeague Guardians of the Galaxy leather rubber gauntlets gloves cosplay costume LARP LRP equipment gear magic item

Edwardian Red Silk Gown, ca. 1910

Edwardian Red Silk Gown, ca. 1910 Wouldn't it be awesome if I wrote a character who wore red and bold clothes and had that kind of a character?

corset belt.

It'd be nice for a Core Elf in the Echoes of Decide LARP I'm in. :) Expanded idea: This in ragged edged tough leather/suede perhaps.

LOL Cute!!

witchcraft You do use a cauldron, but not the kitten. Witchcraft is like magic. This kitten is so cute and not evil. Lucky kitten too.