Get your Slimming World Shopping from Aldi with our Syn Free Food List!

Aldi Syn Free Food List

On Slimming World? We have compiled an Aldi Syn Free Food List to ensure you don't make any diet-costly mistakes when doing your weekly shop.

Quark is something which - unless you are from German speaking regions -   you've likely heard about only since joining slimming world. With it being  virtually fat free, its ability to create a creaminess without the calories  is invaluable to dieters and slimming worlders alike. Quark is free on  slimming world and doesn't use up your Healthy A allowance. Read on for  where to buy it and what to do with the curious cheese.  Where to buy Quark  It's becoming more widely available...

Uses for Quark

Quark can be used in place of any recipe that uses soft cheese.: Couple of dollops with mashed potato Mixed with a sachet of options hot chocolate as a dessert, or as a low-syn cake topping Use mixed with passatas instead of cream in curries Mix wi

Slimming World Free Foods List

Slimming World Free Foods List

Doing Slimming World? You need our Slimming World Free Foods List to keep on the straight and narrow. Beef Chicken Duck Goat Minced Beef (must be l.