Owls Applique cushion Pattern

A Family of Owls Applique cushion Pattern by claireturpindesign - I rarely have the urge to sew anything, but something about this makes me say, "I want!" (even if it DOES ship from Australia) (Seriously - it's a pattern. They can't make a PDF?


DIY Christmas Gifts Wrapping idea Christmas Goodies to sew and make The Cupcake Odyssey love these jeweled book marks tons of diy christmas .


homes sweet homes - such a cute idea. Sadly no link to be found :(

This site has several links to some amazing DIY pillow designs!

Bromeliad: DIY Wednesday: Make an A Detacher inspired rose pillow from a thrift-store skirt - Fashion and home decor DIY and inspiration (How To Make Dress Puffy)

tooth fairy pillow

Extensive list of Tooth- Fairy- Craft and Pillow Ideas_--Boggles the Mind!