Christmas dinner

Alternative Christmas dinners, where I eat food I actually like.
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the best vegan salted caramel tart
The Best Vegan Salted Caramel Tart - Amy Le Creations
a cake with white frosting and berries on it sitting on a wooden platter
Christmas Pavlova Wreath! - Jane's Patisserie
Christmas Pavlova Wreath! - Jane's Patisserie
a white plate topped with a pastry next to some fruit and vegtables
Individual Christmas pies
This recipe for a stunning vegetarian Christmas alternative, can easily be reduced or increased to make as many as you need
how to make jamie ollver's vegan christmas feast by jamie ollvers
How To Make Jamie Oliver's Vegan Christmas Feast
How To Make Jamie Oliver's Vegan Christmas Feast
a pot filled with meatballs and vegetables on top of a cloth next to a fork
Winter Veggie Stew with Wholesome Lumpy Dumplings
This winter veggie stew with wholesome lumpy dumplings from Nick Knowles' Proper Healthy Food is a family favourite in our home. It’s a big, rich, thick stew for the winter with lovely cheesy, herby dumplings. It's easy to make, healthy, hearty and a proper chunky feed.
a bowl filled with macaroni and cheese on top of a wooden table
Cauliflower Cheese
The English Kitchen: Cauliflower Cheese
baked sweet potato wedges with guacamole dip on the side and an image of grilled sweet potato wedges
Crispy sweet potato fries with avocado-coriander dip - Lazy Cat Kitchen
Make sweet fries crispy in the oven with two simple tricks. These get served with a smooth and healthy avocado cilantro mayo.
chocolate chip cookie bars are stacked on top of each other and ready to be eaten
Rolo Cookie Bars! - Jane's Patisserie
Rolo Cookie Bars! ❤️ Delicious Chocolatey & Caramel Cookie Bars that Everyone will Love - Delicious Cookie, Chocolate Chips, and Oooodles of Rolos!
an egg is cut in half and placed on a cutting board next to some other food
Vegetarian Scotch Eggs
Vegetarian picnic eggs also known as vegetarian Scotch eggs. This traditional picnic food is brought up to date with a filling of veggie haggis, oats, peanut butter and spices. Perfect for a picnic or buffet.
a person holding a platter with croissants and cream cheese on it
Hasselback Potatoes with Gorgonzola and Honey | Jamie Oliver
Guests won’t be able to resist these bite-sized crispy potatoes, roasted with rosemary and honey and topped with crumbled gorgonzola
the best homemade vegetarian gravy recipe
The best homemade vegetarian gravy
The best homemade vegetarian gravy - with a secret ingredient that adds HEAPS of flavour! You won't miss the meat juices :) Perfect for a vegetarian Christmas dinner, Sunday roast, or any other Meat Free Monday!
a pie is cut in half on a plate
Butternut squash, spinach and goat's cheese pie
This autumnal vegetarian pie recipe is made with roasted butternut squash, spinach and goat's cheese in a cheesy pastry. The pie is freezable so you can make it ahead.
1h 55m
four baked breads sitting on top of a white tray
Gluten-free Yorkshire puddings
The perfect vehicle for gravy and roasted goodies: the Yorkshire pudding - this version is gluten-free but never fear, you still get that characteristic puff and golden colour
a christmas tree pizza with peppers and cheese
Christmas Lasagna
Christmas Lasagna #lasagna #christmas