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10 Two Peas in a Pod Girl Scout SWAP or Craft Kits

For sale are ten Peas in a Pod craft/SWAP kits. How is a Girl Scout like a pea in a pod? This SWAP kit will answer this question in three ways.

Flip flop swaps

Craft Stick Flip Flops in Honor of Dollar Tree Flip Flop Frenzy! These would be fun to make for a bird toy (non-edible, of course)

Maybe set up a critter exchange (might be more older girl friendly than a stuffed animal)...I wonder if other troops would want to do this with us?

38 AMAZING ALTOID TIN IDEAS Amazing things to do with an empty Altoid tin box. Some simple, some super crafty, some awesomely functional, some special keepsakes, and lots just for fun.

Girl Scout Swaps!

Available for purchase is a SWAPS Kit to create 25 Mini Bed Head in a Sleeping Bag SWAPS. These turn out so cute! Notice the bed head look (they look

Orange Petal | Make a small SWAP like a pipe cleaner teddy bear and have the girls keep track of it until the next meeting | Pipe Cleaner Teddy Bear Instructographic

Pipe Cleaner Teddy Bear Instructographic So cute. Using sparkly pipe cleaners for Christmas.

Mini Minion. A swap maybe?? Super simple DIY craft for kids (or adults ... It's so cute it'll make you want one of your own). All you need is a Pom Pom, a black pipe cleaner, a googley eye, and a glue dot. Create all sorts of little minion monsters using bigger Pom Poms, more googley eyes, maybe even a tennis ball for the body and shortened toilet paper rolls for goggles.

Super simple All you need is a Pom Pom, a black pipe cleaner or ribbin, a googly eyes, and some glue. Add a pin to the back to make it a SWAP

Pipe Cleaner Shamrock Pin / Guide Trefoil

Pipe Cleaner Shamrock Pin / Guide Trefoil - Going to modify this for "Lucky" (my GS camper) to make into swaps this year!

Most inspiring pictures and photos - NexToT

I love you clothes pins: Write a message with a FINE POINT sharpie so it doesn't smear. Write "I love you" on a paper. Cut it out, and hot glue it to the clothes pin end. Would be cute for a care package!