Chickpea, tomato & spinach curry

Chickpea, Tomato & Spinach Curry by Good Food Magazine via bbcgoodfood: Vegan curry with less than 200 calories. I was just wanting a chickpea curry.

Vegetable curry for a crowd

Veg curry for a crowd: This vegetarian curry is great for feeding a group of mates on a budget, or make a batch to freeze.

Cauliflower & potato curry

Vegetarian cauliflower and potato curry- BBC Good Food. This is a really yummy recipe and a nice way to use up that cauliflower that's sitting in your fridge!

Spiced vegetable biryani

Spiced vegetable biryani - either syn the oil or try it with frylight, which is what I'm going to do!

Chickpeas with tomatoes & spinach

Curried cod

An easy-to-prepare midweek one-pot with cod fillet, chickpeas, ginger and spices - its healthy, low calorie and packed with iron too!

Naved Nasir's family recipe for traditional Nihari curry combines lamb, cardamom, fresh ginger and turmeric to make a rich dish that's bursting with Indian flavours.

Nihari lamb

We've created a collection of our quickest meat, seafood and vegetarian curry recipes so that you can enjoy a spice-laden dish, in a hurry.

Aubergine curry with lamb cutlets

A showstopping family curry, perfect for a special occasion. Pair the chunky spiced aubergine and turmeric-coated lamb cutlets with rice and cooling yogurt

Goat curry

- Cheap cuts like goat and mutton require slow-cooking in strong spices to tenderise - this Jamaican classic is a taste sensation. ( I have never eaten goat so I cannot imagine how this would taste.

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