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three colorful paper bags are sitting on a white surface, with string attached to them
How to Make Coffee Filter Dancers
These coffee filter dancers are SO PRETTY! And all you need are markers, coffee filters and pipe cleaners. This is such a great coffee filter craft and a super fun craft for kids - I love crafts that the kids can play with when they're done. Kids love colouring the coffee filters and then watching the science magic that happens when the colours bleed together. I can't believe you can make something so beautiful from coffee filters!
a white desk topped with a laptop computer next to a flower vase and potted plant
5 Ways to Prepare for Time Off as a Business Owner — Lauren Saylor Interiors + Design || A Fabulous Fete Wedding Invitations + Stationery
How to prepare to take time off | A Fabulous Fete
a woman is walking down the street with her hand on her hip while carrying a purse
Beautiful ceramics
the inside of a building with many stairs
The 10+ BEST Indoor Activities in Chicago | Tall Girl Big World
Here are 10+ of the best indoor activities in Chicago. Check out this list of things to do in Chicago if you happen to visit the Windy City when it's raining, snowing or just plain cold! indoor things to do in Chicago | indoor activities Chicago | things to do indoors in Chicago | indoor activities downtown Chicago | what to do in Chicago in the winter | things to do in Chicago during winter | winter activities Chicago | rainy day activities Chicago | #Chicago #WindyCity
there are many different vases and bowls in this photo together on the same page
Decorative Paulownia Wood Bowl curated on LTK
a man standing in front of a wall full of vases and other pottery items
an assortment of pottery is displayed on a white background
10 Natural Palm Leaves, Dried Palm … curated on LTK
the words in arabic are written on top of an old building with windows and balconies
The French Way: How to Create a Luxurious Everyday Life – The Simply Luxurious Life®
various types of pots and pans are shown in this graphic above the words, kitchen essentials
10 Best French Gifts for the Francophile in Your Life
The Best French Gifts For Everyone On Your List
two people standing in a store with boxes of fruit and vegetables on the counter next to each other
Lanthandeln ❤️
a vase filled with lots of flowers on top of a table
Hopping Down the Bunny Trail: Easter Table Inspiration, Centerpieces and Giveaway!
some carrots and daisies in a glass vase on a counter with white flowers
Easter flower arrangements
four different shades of gray and white paint
Color Psychology and Color Palette