Vicki-Kitchen: Chili beef bake (slimming world friendly) I am OBSESSED with this recipe! Cannot get enough of it! :) Works just as well with pork mince too.

Chili beef bake - This looks amazing, love spicy food so will defo add a little more.

Belly-busting with the 5:2 diet and a little bit of shredding.

52 diet Red Lentil and Carrot Soup Belly busting with the diet and a little bit of shredding.Half it for my soup maker!

Tinned Tomatoes: 5:2 Diet - One Pot Southern-Style Rice

One Pot Southern-Style Rice

The 5:2 Diet. | I'm Counting UFOs

The 5:2 Diet

Overview and meal ideas for the intermittent fasting diet.

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