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the recipe for wacky cake with chocolate icing is shown in brown and white
Pin by Amanda Bailey on Loves in 2022 | Wacky cake recipe, Wacky cake, Cake recipes
the homemade amarettoa is ready to be served
Homemade Amaretto Recipe
If you love the classic almond liqueur Amaretto, then you will swoon over this Homemade Amaretto Recipe. It's quick & easy to make & is a great holiday gift!
a glass jar filled with ginger beer next to some ginger root
Ginger Beer Recipe Ideas - How to Make Homemade Ginger Beer
Ginger Beer Recipe Ideas - How to Make Homemade Ginger Beer
two empty glass bottles sitting next to each other on a wooden table with an empty bottle in the middle
Baby Step 39: Fermenting Juice to Wine in a Bottle
This is a simple and inexpensive method of fermenting delicious wine from bottled fruit juice. It’s easy and cost-effective to ferment fruit juice directly within its sterile container, elimi…
two plastic jugs sitting on top of a wooden table
Homemade Wine
super easy homemade wine - make sure you poke holes in your balloon, and filter before drinking!!
a bottle of homemade strawberry wine sitting on the ground next to some plants and dirt
Easy Strawberry Wine Recipe - Perfect for Beginners
Add a little kick to your strawberry season! This homemade strawberry wine recipe comes together in minutes and is ready to enjoy in just a few months.
four bottles of liquid sitting on top of a wooden table
#Ginger Beer in 48 hours, now you can make Dark N...
#Ginger Beer in 48 hours, now you can make Dark N Stormy's at home! PS. A Jamaican favorite! Ingredients 1 oz fresh ginger juice 2 oz fresh lemon juice 3 oz simple syrup 10 oz warm water 25 granules of cuvee yeast 1 16oz glass bottle with a tight cap/lid
fruit infused water with lemons, cucumber and lime on the bottom line
Fruit Infused Waters
a close up of a drink in a glass on a table
Blackberry Mojitos
blackberry mojitos
three jars filled with fruit sitting on top of a table
How to Make Homemade Liquors
How to Make Homemade Liquors, peach brandy recipe, blackberry brandy recipe, raspberry brandy recipe, homemade gifts