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two pictures with numbers and flowers in the middle one has a drawing of a flower on it
the letters and numbers are drawn on lined paper, with arrows pointing in different directions
The Feline Philosopher=^..^=🇨🇦🐾💕 on Twitter
a cross stitch christmas ornament with bells and bows on it's head
Pine Cone Pattern 08E
an electrical device with multiple wires attached to the back of it's buttons and switches
Serger Series – Part 3: Nailing Tension
four cross stitch christmas gnomes with different patterns on them, each in red and green
Winter's Tale: 35 Cross-stitch Patterns: Ideas & Inspiration в журнале Ярмарки Мастеров
sewing machine needle tips with instructions on how to use them and what they are used
The complete guide to sewing needle types
Would you believe the most common secret to a great sewing project is in the sewing machine needles? Choosing the right sewing needle types for your projects makes a huge difference! Here's a simple and easy needles guide to help you choose the right needle every time! #easypeasycreativeideas #easypeasysewing #sewing #sewingtips #sewingtipsandtricks #sewingtipsforbeginners #sewingtutorials #sewingprojects #needles #sewingforbeginners #beginnersewingprojects #beginnersewing
a cross stitch christmas ornament with bells
What do you think?
a cross stitched christmas tree with snowflakes on the bottom and stars in the top
Modern Xmas tree X-stitch
a cross stitch pattern with santa claus and snowflakes on the bottom, as well as an ornament
Diagramme gratuit DMC Décors de Noël au point de croix pour set de table
Ce diagramme fait partie du livret "Décors de Noël" à retrouver chez nos revendeurs
the instructions for how to use skis and snowboards in winter sports, including skiing
Gekruiste stokjes
Punto K tejido a crochet - Tejiendo Perú
Punto K tejiodo a crochet... ¡lindo y fácil! Crochet K stitch :)